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My interest in psychopathology developed while I was a teenager. I simply loved watching television shows like CSI, Bones, etc... I have studied psychology for eight years now and as a professional I am more fascinated with the subject than ever before. One of the types that really fascinate me is people without a conscience. The fact that they do not feel remorse or guilt for their actions is quite intriguing to me. I try to understand how they came to be this way and what makes them different yet the same as other people..

Initially, I wanted to be a psychologist who could talk with people help them heal, but with patients like these I need to stay very levelheaded. We work in teams of two and both carry a panic button around our neck. We also have to sit three meters apart. This way if one of us gets attacked, the other person presses the alarm button to alert security. In addition, we also have video security and two security guards who watch over us at all times.

I enjoy reading the mental health history/dossiers of my patients while getting to know them better. Our patients get to know that they need our help to stay Across the wire (out of jail), get their own house, pay all their bills getting rid of debt. In short they realize that they need help taking care of themselves. I find it very rewarding if such patients manage to achieve these goals after three months of therapy, and manage to add value to their life again. After all, once they have served their sentence in prison, they deserve to straighten their life without continuing to be punished. They have a right to make as much of their life as do anybody else.

My primary interest and passion lies in the field of psychopathology following the completion of my doctorate on the psychological effects of psychopathology. Before my study in psychology, I studied medicine in the field of psychiatry. In addition to clinical internship, I am also a student at the University of Groningen, learning about developmental psychology in the subject of psychopathology across the human lifespan, and I also work at the Department of Social Work and Human Services in areas such as research design and statistics and working with families. This study draws upon both my psychological training and also my wide range of previous work experience, including community work agencies, and the city council.

I work with adults (including their partners) and young people in helping them improve in the following areas; performance in work/ volunteering or study, financial management, communication and self-management. I stay up-to-date in conjunction with my studies, in psychological research. As a result, I guide my team with techniques and models that have been demonstrated to be effective, or, in case of new research areas, are likely to be effective. I employ both cognitive behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy methods, depending on which works best with my patients.

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College of Peeps

Experience expert & degree; Januari 2009 Christelijke Hogeschool Ede

I was a healthcare student before I started my current study, however, I soon realized that this wasnt my true passion, and as a result, I switched to my present field of interest at an early stage in my study, saving me valuable time.

During my study, Ive gained immense experience working as an intern for "De Wending". De Wending is a rehabilitation center for alcohol-dependent men and women, including a small group of elderly drug addicts, who do not fit into a mainstream addiction group. This rehabilitation center is open to addicts who are specifically looking for assistance from a Christian identity. The target group consists out of those addicts who have a long history of social care.

Next to their addiction, they often suffer from a multitude of problems associated with finances, vagrancy, lack of daytime activities, lack of social interaction, psychological problems arising out of having served time in prison, difficulties in adjusting with society and its norms, and people who feel a lack of meaning in their existence. My school has been a tremendous help in the early stages of my internship.

University of professionals

University of Groningen March 2010

Although I struggled to come through, I had the best of help from my university, teachers, and friends. I had to move to another village in Holland for me to pursue further education in my preferred subject of study.

For 3 hours every day I worked at "Hooghullen Eelde" as an intern where I found myself immersed completely in my favorite topic of study and interest.

After finishing medical school, I opted to specialize in the field of psychopathology in my first year, with four more years to go.


Minnesotakliniek van "De Wending" (the Turn)

Experienced worker January 2009 - 2010

Helping, explaining, and guiding people during their period of stay at the center; talking with their families and giving advice.



Registered nurse March 2012 - February 2014

Nursing patients who are suffering from psychoses. Handing out medicine, keeping count of the pharmacy, giving injections in the form of depot, talking with patients and see where they are in life, administering.

the wire

Hooghullen Eelde

Forensic psychology &Doctorate March 2014 - February 2016

Meeting patients to see if they have trouble with the programs prescribed. If necessary, then provide medication for the side effects associated with detoxification and other health issues, like balancing diet and/or weight loss. Prescribing medicine and help map a future plan with the help of a 12 step program.



Here some of my skills

  • Dimensional Psychopathology
  • Various Disorders, Comorbidity
  • Affective Disorders
  • Neuropsychiatric Syndromes
  • General Guidelines for Assessment and Treatment
  • Methodology of Psychopathological and Diagnostics

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Client Testimonials

  • Joyce is a special kind of person. I have known her for 6 months and Joyce is a very focused person who has a kind heart. When she puts her mind to doing something it gets done. She is a doer not a sayer as we say here in the united states. She is talented, a great listener, creative and smart. She understands peoples psychology and knows how to help in a very constructive manner.

    James Jones
  • Joyce..."Just wanted to send a little note of "thanks" for an time you spend as a intern for us at"de Wending". You lived up to your outstanding reputation and did what you said you would do. Thank you for sharing your talents with our centre. We think the world of you and respect your opinion and advice immensely, good luck out there."

    -- Alex, Stephanie and Tieneke your former employer

    Tieneke Bosma

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